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1107 Key Plaza #306, Key West, FL 33040-4077
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2011 Flagler Avenue, Suite 501, Key West, FL 33040

Office: 305-897-2593
Customer Toll Free: 1-800-518-1206
New Technology Divisions: 305-340-1234

Blue Planet Security Corp. Customer Toll Free: 1-800-511-9147
Emergency Cell Number: 305-394-3439

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We accept PayPal, Amazon Payments, Sears Payments, Dwolla, BitPay/BitCoin, Western Union and your Personal/Business Check.
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Blue Planet Security Corp.
Personal Protection Products for
Retail & Direct Sales
Blue Planet Security Corporation offers a complete line of products to protect your personal property. Kits are packaged in clear cd cases for convenient retail sales. Free display racks available. Kits include high security tags, stainless steel cables, inside tags, wallet identification, registration numbers, warning decals and other items. Free Lifetime Tracking. No yearly fees. Scroll down the page for our custom luggage tag system at
(Blue Planet Property Recovery Network)
offers product registration, product details and instructional videos. Complete installation information and customer instructions.
Law Enforcement Support and Coordination.

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Stainless Steel Cables
Quick Order for 6", 8", 12" & 36", 1.5mm & 2mm Stainless Steel Security Cables with Screw Ends. New Plastic Coated Cables. Retail packaging and Bulk.
Exclusive U.S. Manufacturer of High-Grade NON-Magnetic Stainless Steel Security Cables.
Auto Glass Etching Kit Prevents Vehicle Theft
SecureVIN protects your vehicle from auto theft. Purchase our low cost online kit which allows you to etch your VIN number into all of your windows for Only $17.95. Comes complete with everything you need to etch 6 glass surfaces of your vehicle. Includes an attractive insurance certificate and a color window decal. Includes a Magic White sponge to use for years and a complete instruction guide.

We also offer a new 2 car kit for only $26.95.

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Traveler's Emergency Survival & First AID Kit
Our exclusive and unique emergency kit is within an easy to store reusable plastic container. It contains many items to deal with all types of emergencies and hard to find items for only $29.95. It includes free membership in our medical emergency alert system. We also offer a Traveler's Emergency Personal Care Kit that contains a wide range of personal care products for just $21.95. The containers are only 7" x 7" x 4" in overall size, thus are easy to store in any type of vehicle. Our kits contain many items that other survival and first aid kits do not. The container includes a screen and can be used to filter water before the addition of the included purification tablets. Visit the site for full details and to order.

Ultimate SecureBAG-Tag Photo Luggage Protection

Truly the ultimate secure luggage tag for travel at only $29.95 for a package of 3 tags with stainless steel cables. These tags are custom made with your photo and name, plus a registration number to make certain your lost bags are returned to you. Plus 3 tags for the inside and self-adhesive plastic lamination. Laminated wallet card so you can always prove ownership. Free Lifetime Tracking. No yearly fees. Full Security Products Catalog

Florida Corporate
Your Florida Registered Agent.

Blue Planet provides registered agent service and corporation kits. The best registered agent deal in Florida and the only professional registered agent in Key West or the Florida Keys. Detailed information on how to incorporate, handle dba registrations, trademarks and much more. Listings of law firms and attorney representation to handle your incorporation and other business needs. (Law Firms: Sign up online.) A great deal of practical information to smooth your entry into the business world in Florida and elsewhere.
An affiliate of

Blue Planet Offices, Inc. is a Florida, USA Corporation.
Incorporated 2005. Our Original Company GLINN, Incorporated Since 1992. In Continuous Business Since 1988.
DUNS (Dun & Bradstreet) No. 610640968

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Corporations Nationwide Info
Incorporation & Business Info for all 50 States.

Blue Planet Registrar Corporation
Domain Registrar & FDA Drug, Food Registration
and Certification Services

Blue Planet Registrar Corporation provides Domain Registration Services and FDA registration assistance for drug, herbal and food manufacturers and registration of medical devices. Blue Planet provides registered agent services for foreign manufacturers to do business in the United States and for smaller U.S. manufacturers. We also provide certifications of registration and other assistance. We provide lower prices than Registrar Corp.

Blue Planet DNA
Fish DNA Testing, Herbal Supplements, Cut Flower Preservation, OTC Drug Packaging
Maker of BlueBlast and BlueCat herbal supplements, Fresh Cut Renew for flowers and other products. Blue Planet provides DNA testing of fish and other marine products using the Bar Code of Life database. Our database contains over 8,800 species of marine life. We market fish dna test kits for the public, and are shortly launching a restaurant program to certify the fish products and provide the public with up to date information. Know what you are buying and eating. Lowest national price. We also provide OTC re-packaging services, such as for the Blue Planet Traveler's Emergency Kits.
FDA Registered Manufacturing Facility No. 19557289262
FREE online telephone directory for Key West, FL designed for mobile devices. List your business free.

Coming Soon: FLKeys1.Com, a free telephone directory
for the Florida Keys.

Blue Planet Electron Corp.
Maker of LED Lantern and Candle battery eliminator systems, Taxi Universal Cell Phone Charging Kit and other products.The president of Blue Planet has a background in winning and managing many hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of U.S. Goverment SBIR contracts. This division of Blue Planet at was created to win and carry out SBIR contracts from DOD, DHS and other federal agencies, relating to hardening computer networks and telecommunications systems against natural events or man-made EMP attacks and other advanced systems. Employment opportunities are available in electrical engineering, embedded and PC software development, web interfaces, physics, mechanical engineering and trailer design, sheet metal working, industrial processes, and illustrative artists. Send your letter of introduction, resume and CV to
Television Key West
Florida Keys Only Audio/Video DIY Rental
(Staff help available)

$20 Delivery, Setup and Pickup
Audio/Video Equipment Rental in Key West, FL. We offer a wide range of audio equipment for studio use and also portable sound systems for your meeting, wedding or other event. We can supply a complete sound system for your wedding or reception for only $100.00. We have everything from a bullhorn to a 2,600+ watt audio system for a concert. We offer recording setups for board meetings, conferences and other events that must be preserved with quality. We offer a range of video equipment including LCD projectors, screens, HD televisions, DVD players and other items. Blue Planet owns a sound studio and television facility and also offers for rental in Key West, FL a portable audio/video production system. Basicly a movie studio in a box, the system is intended for producers who have their own camera equipment. Blue Planet can also provide full production services including still and video photography, editing and DVD production. We can also provide a second unit for your production and deliver the original tape. DVD, CD duplication, printing and packaging.

We are the only rental service that provides photographs and complete descriptions of every item that we rent along with the price. We offer rentals for 4, 8, 24 hours and longer. We also have Package Deals on Audio Rentals for Weddings and other events. also offers package deals for different types of events at a specific price which makes it easier for the customer and the customer does not have to pick out individual items from our main site at Our package deals come with everything you need. Customers can add to the package deals for their individual needs.

Low Cost Life Vest Signaling System.
ResqVester is an economical device to be attached to a life vest to provide emergency signaling and other emergency options. The ResqVester device contains a flashing strobe light, a USCG type aimable signaling mirror, a whistle, a compass and a float so it will not sink if detached from the life vest. The device tag which is opposite the mirror contains a registration number and emergency contact information so that USCG and other law enforcement can quickly determine who the ResqVester belongs to should it and the life vest be found without the owner. A single piece manufactured system is in development.

Emergency Medical Alert
Blue Planet at offers the best value in emergency medical alert systems, offering more features than any competition at only $19.95 with no yearly fees or other costs. Blue Planet provides a wallet card, two key chain tags, a stainless steel key chain and a refrigerator magnet. All items have contact information for emergency medical personnel to access the necessary information by QR Code scanning, website input or by calling our emergency call center. The competition does not have any actual customer support and has no telephone numbers. We have a 4 letter domain with SSL security for information storage at and alternate site
Emergency Home Access KeyBox System
This unique system provides emergency EMT, Police and Fire access to your home or business. Ideal for the elderly, handicapped and homebound. Perfect also for people who live behind iron gates and high fences. High security system provides prompt access to your property in life threatening emergencies. Available with doorknob key box or if there already is a key box, available without. Complete Kit only $24.95.

Blue Planet Trailer Corp.
Visit our Vehicle Safety Products Store. Blue Planet Trailer Corporation at, is a registered USDOT manufacturer of light and medium duty cargo, utility trailers and travel trailers authorized to issue its own VIN numbers. The company is also a re-manufacturer and repairer of these types of trailers. BPtrailer specializes in EMP protected mobile command and communication trailers for emergency and national emergency use. Member of the Society of Automotive Engineers International. National Association of Trailer Manufacturers membership pending. NTSB authorized insurer for trailer VIN numbers.

Disposable Numbers provides virtual, temporary and disposable telephone numbers with your choice of area code and local calling area that forward to your mobile or home phone, or have them go right to voicemail. Protect your personal privacy. Use our disposable numbers for dating, online ads, matchmaking, a home business or any purpose that you'd like to have a separate telephone number for. All 800 Toll Free numbers and other telecom services.

Home & Business Security Systems, CCTV
Blue Planet offers a range of home and business security systems with 24 hour monitoring plus complete CCTV systems. Buy our Home Protection Warning Decal. See your local dealer or contact us for a local dealer in your area.
Recover lost keys and protect your privacy with our Secure-Keys key ring tags and key rings. Available in kits of 2 tags and 5 tags with cables and identification cards. Our site offers custom key ring tags for government, institutions and large businesses. Blue Planet just completed a large order for the Collier County School District, Florida.

Certified Truth is an SSL secured site for an upcoming internet service to certify the truth of customer testimonials and other information, plus settle disputes. Kind of a new sheriff in town. A civil action for defamation seldom works, so we will investigate and determine the truth that will then be posted on our sites:,,,, and

CertifiedURL (and
Web site Ownership Verification Seals. DMCA Agent & Take Down Notices
Check out our high energy food and one shot energy products.
Check out FDA news feeds on recalled food and health issues., Quick Cable Orders - Private process Virtual and Disposable Telephone Numbers.

Your References-
Reference Service for Employees

Reference Checks

Do you send out resumes or complete applications and hear nothing back? Do you have great interviews and then never hear from that company again? Chances are you have a bad reference. Let Blue Planet Offices check your employment references and personal references. Our rates are very competitive.

References for Defunct Employers

If you are the former employee of a defunct company, we can help. Blue Planet Offices stores the human resources records of numerous companies. We also are able to recreate employment records if necessary. If you worked for a small company that didn't keep proper records or were self-employed, we can help.

Toxic Companies and the Boss from Hell

There are a lot of bad businesses and people out there. These people can ruin your chances for a new job. You can't just leave them off your application or resume. We'll tell you what you can do about this problem and how we can help you.

Employer Reference & HR Services:

Blue Planet offers outsourced human resources for employers. We can help you with providing references for employees in situations that would overwhelm your HR department such as layoffs and downsizing.

If you are a company big or small and are going out of business don't leave your employees out in the cold. Blue Planet can provide references for your former employees for years after you are gone at little or no cost to you.
Personal Check-In & Bodyguard Services
On the Road, On the Trail, or On the Water.

Franchise and Investment Opportunities Available.

LOCAL KEY WEST SITES,,,, and others.

Blue Planet Direct Payment -- Payment Services, Affiliate Programs, Stainless Steel Cable Retail Displays.,,,, and others.

New Domains:,,,,,,,, (sites under construction).

Dan F. Schramm Biography and Blogs

GLINN Media Corporation
GLINN, an ancroym for "Gay/Lesbian International News Network" has been operating since 1989. At one time it was a family of glbt websites offering news and entertainment services. Today we continue to operate the Gay Media Database which offers a low cost glbt news distribution service that has an xml news feed on over 350 sites, seen by over 10,000 people a week. It has an online database of glbt publications and websites.

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