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BPO Logo Blue Planet Offices are designed for real business. Most executive business centers are high end, both in appearance and cost. Blue Planet is a cross between an executive business center and a business incubator. Our on-demand offices are pleasant, modern and clean. They are not designed to impress, they are designed to accomplish important business tasks at reasonable cost. We also offer many services for traveling business people that you will not find at any other business center.

Blue Planet Offices are placed based on need and often in developing markets, as well as in areas of tourism. Our offices are not designed to impress you in appearance. Frankly, the high end facilities just stroke your ego. Most of your business meetings will likely be held at the offices of your customers and clients. If they come to your expensive office, they are going to know anyway that you are probably only renting it by the day or week, and they will not be impressed. If they come to Blue Planet they will be impressed that you are keeping your costs low, because that means your prices are more reasonable.

You can sign up with one office, a group of offices, or all of our offices fast and easy. Your business can become a multi-national corporation overnight at a very reasonable monthly fee.

Blue Planet Offices provide many services that the high priced business centers do not. First, we offer private offices and desks in semi-private cubicles depending upon your needs and budget. Desk space is available by the hour, day, week, or month. Private offices are generally available by the week and month. They may be available on a daily basis depending upon demand. The desks in cubicles provide secure locked space for your storage use while you are renting the desk space. Every desk is equipped with a telephone, computer system (or use your own laptop), and basic office items together with a high speed network connection to the internet. Every office also has a secure wireless wi-fi network.

You will find all the usual office equipment including a fax machine and photocopier. Our computer network has multiple printers, a scanner, memory card readers, firewire ports and fast storage, uninterruptible power supplies with surge protection and more. Our offices are equipped with UPS systems, emergency power/lighting, security and access controls, smoke and fire detection and fire extinguishers.

Blue Planet Offices provides equipment others do not. Depending upon the office, you will find large format printers that can print posters, printers for CD and DVD disks, heavy duty paper punches and staplers, binding supplies, spiral binding machines, a shrink wrap machine, video/still cameras, sound recording equipment, and more. Our Key West office, for example, has a portable self-contained television studio available. Take a look at it: Equipment is based on the needs of the local market and our customers as well as what items are easily available elsewhere. We also maintain lists and details on local business that can provide the services and products you might need. Some offices also rent cell phones on a daily basis, provide personal drivers, translators and other assistance.

The exact services you receive depends on the package that you choose. Every office has a secretary to personally answer your telephone calls. Your business will have its own number. When a call is received for you, your company information automatically pops up on the secretary's computer so that she/he can provide answers and information just like your own secretary would. The secretary can also forward the call into your voice mail. We don't just give you one little voice mail box with one greeting. You can have boxes for different purposes, departments or employees, each with its own greeting and lots of space for storing messages. You can have voice mail boxes which provide information about your products or anything else you want. We virtually give you your own voice mail system. You also have a fax number, email address, web site address, and most importantly, a legal and real street address. After hours your call goes to an automated attendant which acts as a secretary to provide virtually the same services our live secretary provides. You can also have a voice mail box that forwards the call live to you at another number. You can easily update this number and all the information in your voice mail from anywhere in the world. We can translate your English boxes into the local language(s) and send the caller to the virtual voice mail system in the language they want.

If you travel and visit our offices on a regular basis, you can rent a secure storage drawer to store items that you use on your visits to us. You can store envelopes, cards, stationary and other items. You can store any items that you like. If you want a secure storage site that is completely private and at reasonable cost, Blue Planet is your only choice. The secure storage drawers are available in different sizes up to the size of a full file cabinet drawer or as small as a couple of shoe boxes. Our storage drawers are not intended as safe deposit boxes, nor are they nearly that secure and if you use it that way, it is at your own risk. Our offices are safe, there are access controls, employees are screened, and reasonable precautions are taken, including each office and the storage area having web cams which our main office monitors. You will be given access to the secure site for the office cams. Your incoming mail is stored in a separate mail drawer and no employee enters your secure drawer.

In addition to the services offered by the secretary, each office also has one or more office facilitators. We offer much more than the competition. Our facilitators have extensive local knowledge, and trained in many tasks and techniques. If you need actual work done, they can help you. Facilitators can run errands, search for permanent office space, do market research, research your competition, distribute product samples, mail out your product literature, and even with proper training, call on customers for you. Imagine, having an employee/sales person that you only have to pay for their actual work and having them on standby for weeks or months at little or no cost. Facilitators and secretaries are also translators speaking, reading and writing English as well as their native languages. They can translate documents and conversations for you. They can translate and build foreign language web sites for you.

Translation services are also provided by our international headquarters in Key West, FL to assist local offices when necessary. Key West has a large immigrant population representing most of Europe, Eastern Europe, Central and South America, and provides an excellent pool of translators.

Each Blue Planet Office has an attorney affiliated with the office should you need legal assistance, documents prepared, need to protect intellectual property, or desire to incorporate in that country. We use only honest and fair local attorneys who speak, read and write English. The rates our attorney staff charges is very reasonable compared to law firms you would otherwise find. We can also handle emergency situations and delicate matters with discretion and even reasonable fees.

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