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Customer Toll Free: 1-800-518-1206
New Technology Divisions: 305-570-1188

Blue Planet Security Corp. Customer Toll Free: 1-800-511-9147
Emergency Cell Number: 305-394-3439

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Services, Products and Websites Available. Upcoming Features.
TV Key West
Florida Keys Only Audio/Video &Lighting DIY Rental
(Staff help available)

$30 Delivery, Setup and Pickup
Audio/Video Equipment Rental in Key West, FL. We offer a wide range of audio equipment and portable sound systems for your meeting, wedding or other event. We have everything from a bullhorn to a 2,600+ watt audio system for a concert. We offer recording setups for board meetings, conferences and other events that must be preserved with quality. We offer a range of video equipment including LCD & DLP projectors, small to giant screens, 4K Televisions, DVD Blueray players and other items. Blue Planet can provide a second unit for your production and/or a range of studio lighting equipment and other production equipment. Blue Planet can also provide full production services including still and video photography, editing and DVD production. We can also provide a full unit for your production and deliver the original tape or digital files.

We are the only rental service that provides photographs and complete descriptions of every item that we rent along with the price. We offer rentals for 4, 8, 24 hours and longer. Our site is not fancy, it is designed like our services, to save you money.

Lighting Rentals
Disco & Party Lighting
Party & Disco Lighting, Effects
Blue Planet provides your wedding reception, party or corporate gathering with party lighting systems from the basic mirror ball and lights to a full disco inferno with multiple disco balls, spot lighting, to stands with motion lighting, fog machines, lasers, bubble machines and much more.

Lighting Truss Extension Brackets, Mounting Kits

DiscoParty offers original and exclusive brackets invented by Blue Planet CEO Dan F. Schramm to extend and expand lighting truss systems to allow more lights to be used in one position, to off-set lights from the truss itself to direct lighing where you want it. In addition, we offer a truss with wooden mounting pads to allow dual mirror balls to be used on a 4 foot truss and stand. We offer such a Dual Mirror Ball Spectacular for rent in Key West.
FREE Key West Telephone Directory for Phones, Portable Devices and Computers.

Blue Planet Security Corp.
Personal Protection Products for
Retail & Direct Sales

Blue Planet Security Corporation offers a complete line of products to protect your personal property. Kits are packaged in clear cd cases for convenient retail sales. Free display racks available. Kits include high security tags, stainless steel cables, inside tags, wallet identification, registration numbers, warning decals and other items. Free Lifetime Tracking. No yearly fees. Scroll down the page for our custom luggage tag system at SecureBag-Tag.

N95 Masks for Sale

Blue Planet CovidCard[tm] The Covid Card Lamination and Verification System

Ultimate SecureBAG-Tag Photo Luggage Protection

Truly the ultimate secure luggage tag for travel at only $29.95 for a package of 3 tags with stainless steel cables. These tags are custom made with your photo and name, plus a registration number to make certain your lost bags are returned to you. Plus 3 tags for the inside and self-adhesive plastic lamination. Laminated wallet card so you can always prove ownership. Free Lifetime Tracking. No yearly fees.

Turn your business cards into luggage tags. Thick plastic lamination plus metal grommet and stainless steel cables included. Get 3 luggage tags and stainless steel cables for only $12.95. Double sided tags available.
(Blue Planet Property Recovery Network)
offers product registration, product details and instructional videos. Complete installation information and customer instructions.
Law Enforcement Support and Coordination.

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Stainless Steel Cables
Quick Order for 4", 6", 8", 12" & 36", 1mm, 1.2mm 1.5mm & 2mm Stainless Steel Security Cables with Screw Ends. New Plastic Coated Cables. New Latching Cables. Retail Packaging and Bulk.
Exclusive U.S. Manufacturer of High-Grade NON-Magnetic Stainless Steel Security Cables.
Auto Glass Etching Kit Prevents Vehicle Theft
SecureVIN protects your vehicle from auto theft. Purchase our low cost online kit which allows you to etch your VIN number into all of your windows and mirrors for Only $21.95. Comes complete with everything you need to etch 6 glass surfaces of your vehicle. Includes an attractive insurance certificate and a color window decal. Includes a Magic White sponge to use for years. Includes 6 re-usable vinyl stencils custom cut with your VIN number. 18 Pt. Mirror Kit also available.

We also offer a new 2 car kit for only $32.95.

Check Out Our Other Vehicle Safety Products.

Florida Corporate
Your Florida Registered Agent.

Blue Planet provides registered agent services. The best registered agent deal in Florida and the only professional registered agent in Key West or the Florida Keys. Detailed information on how to incorporate, handle dba registrations, trademarks and much more. Listings of law firms and attorney representation to handle your incorporation and other business needs. (Law Firms: Sign up online.) A great deal of practical information to smooth your entry into the business world in Florida and elsewhere.
Blue Planet Offices, Inc. is a Florida, USA Corporation. Incorporated 2005.
Our Original Company GLINN, Incorporated Since 1992.
Founded in Wisconsin. In Continuous Business Since 1988.
DUNS (Dun & Bradstreet) No. 610640968

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Corporations Nationwide Info Corporate-File.
Incorporation & Business Info for all 50 States.

Blue Planet Registrar Corporation
Domain Registration, Web Hosting, FDA Drug, Food Manufacturing Registration and Certification Services
Blue Planet Registrar Corporation provides domain registration, web hosting and FDA registration assistance for drug, herbal and food manufacturers and registration of medical devices. Blue Planet provides registered agent services for foreign manufacturers to do business in the United States and for smaller U.S. manufacturers. We also provide certifications of registration and other assistance. We provide lower prices than Registrar Corp. Lots of free services and features.

International (Isle of Man, UK) Domain Registration & Hosting at

Blue Planet DNA
N95 Masks, Shark Repellent, Fish DNA Testing
Maker of Shark Sneeze shark repellent, BlueBlast and BlueCat herbal supplements, Fresh Cut Renew for flowers and other products. Blue Planet provides DNA testing of fish and other marine products using the Bar Code of Life database. Know what you are buying and eating. Lowest national price. Personal kits and restaurant services.
FDA Registered Manufacturing Facility No. 19557289262

Shark Sneeze
An organic shark repellent developed by Blue Planet DNA Corporation. This original and exclusive shark repellent makes sharks flee. It is designed for emergency use by people in life vests (Personal Floatation Devices). This is an ideal companion product for ResqVester our emergency life vest signaling system, which is available below.
Blue Planet at offers the best value in emergency life vest PDF (Personal Floatation Device) signing systems. It includes a U.S. Coast Guard approved signaling mirror with aiming site and emergency contact information and a serial number on the reverse to identify who the life vest belongs to if it is lost during an emergency. It includes a dual chamber whistle and a compass, plus a high-intensity dual (red and blue) flasher that will operate for over 6 hours, including underwater. A stainless steel screw end cable and a red landard keep it together and we provide 2 sets of additional batteries. Also great for hikers. Available with a stainless container for pills or the spare batteries.

Blue Planet Electron Corp.
Maker of LED Lantern and Candle battery eliminator systems, Battery Eliminator Kits, TILE Bluetooth Mounting Kits, Lighting Safety Cables, Patio Furniture Tie-Down Cables, and other products.The president of Blue Planet has a background in winning and managing many hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of U.S. Goverment SBIR contracts.

LED Glory+ Bar Lights
LED Glory Lighting for Bars, Bottles, Glasswork, Objects de' Art and more.

Blue Planet Pharma
Blue Planet Pharma Corporation is an independent corporation from Blue Planet Offices, Inc. although they share ownership and have things in common.. BP Pharma manufactures and sells herbal supplements, OTC (Over The Counter) Drugs and ultimately Prescription Pharmaceutical Drugs which will initially be limited to topicals including creams, ointments and other external preparations. In planning for entering this competitive space we have begun securing domain names and making other preparations. We own numerous BluePlanetPharma and related domain names.
Recover lost keys and protect your privacy with our Secure-Keys key ring tags and key rings. Available in kits of 2 tags and 5 tags with cables and identification cards. Our site offers custom key ring tags for government, institutions and large businesses. Blue Planet just completed a large order for the Collier County School District, Florida.
Subscription Box Service of Blue Planet Pharma
An upcoming monthly or quarterly subscription service featuring the products of Blue Planet Pharma Corp., Planet Leaf, and selected third party products. DMCA Agent & Take Down Notices

Do Not Copy Key Tags
Blue Planet offers a number of types of Do Not Copy and Do Not Duplicate Key Tags, stainless steel keychain cables and other products. Representation
Take Down Notices
DMCA Take Down Notice Apps

Let Blue Planet Security Corp. help maintain your privacy and provide a professional service for Take-Down Notices and also for sending Take-Down Notices too. Our rates are very competitive. Lots of important DMCA news and information. represents all Blue Planet sites. U.S. Copyright Office- Designation of DMCA Agent for Notices Prior to December 1, 2016,

Search Electronic Registration Records - Post Dec. 2016 registrations - Blue Planet Offices, Inc. DMCA Registration Number 1000481. USPTO Registration Login

Custom Key Tags, Do Not Duplicate Tags
With Civil Liability Warning
We produce "Do Not Duplicate - Do Not Copy" key tags plus a new "Do Not Copy" key tag with custom stainless steel cables and serial numbered security seals along with a link to a legal warning that creates civil and possible criminal liability. There is no law against duplicating your keys, so we do the next best thing, we legally make the employee and business civilly liable for damages if the keys they produce are used in a crime.

We make it legally impossible for any locksmith or key duplication service to copy your keys without facing extreme risk.

Blue Planet also provides your company with custom key tags similar to those on to make certain that your company keys are returned when lost, without the finder knowing who they belong to. The last thing you want to do is have the location on the tag to tell a burglar exactly where to go to use your keys.

Check out our high energy food and one shot energy products. Multiple FDA news feeds to keep you informed and warn you about adulterated herbal supplements and drug recalls.

Dan F. Schramm Biography and Blogs

Park Place

Dan F. Schramm is President of Park Place Securities, Inc. which provides Foreclosure Defense. He is the author of "Every Foreclosure is a Fraud" and "Homeowners can win REMIC foreclosures," which is a complete foreclosure defense law school in a book. Visit our site for tons of free information about fighting foreclosures and informative podcasts that can keep you in your home for years to come.

Visit our New Media Site: FL Keys Media One Corporation

Secretary of State Registration
Blue Planet Security Corporation, FL Keys Media One Corp., Blue Planet DNA Corporation, Blue Planet Electron Corporation, Blue Planet Registrar Corp., divisions of Blue Planet Offices, Inc. are registered DBA names with the Florida Secretary of State and are all owned by Blue Planet Offices, Inc.

Blue Planet Pharma Corp. is a seperate Florida corporation from Blue Planet Offices, Inc. is (c) copyright 2005-2023 by Blue Planet Offices, Inc.

Sites Hosted by Blue Planet Registrar Corp. in Atlanta, GA, and on Isle of Man.

Blue Planet Registrar Corp. is an Authorized Reseller for Tucows (OpenSRS), Enom and Domain Box (UK) registration services.

DMCA Representation by DMCA ONE a service of Blue Planet Security Corp.

Advertising Representation by JOLTZ.ORG

The Blue Planet logo artwork (Blue Planet Solar System) is Copyright 2021 with Registration Number VA 2-240-610, Library of Congress, U.S. Copyright Office. Products are Patent Pending.

BLUE PLANET trademarks applied for include: Serial No. 90446307 and 90729428

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