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Welcome Investors:

If you are not an investor, this is not a solicitation or advertisment for the sale of stock. Blue Planet Offices, Inc. does not solicit stockholders or stock sales. Blue Planet is not a publicly traded stock, it is a privately held corporation. Individuals who speak with other stockholders or otherwise have come into contact with the corporation often ask about the opportunity to purchase stock or invest in one of our franchise operations which are forming. This page is for these potential investors, franchise investors or purchasers. Visitors should familiarize themselves with the services and operations of Blue Planet described on other pages of this site prior to reading this page.

Blue Planet Offices, Inc. is permitted to advertise and solicit purchasers of its office franchise plan as well as affiliations with existing corporate office centers. These purchasers and affiliates are of course also free to participate in Blue Planet Offices, Inc. (subject to local law and SEC regulations) which serves as a holding company for all offices in our network. Each company owned office is an independent corporation, partly owned by Blue Planet Offices, Inc. together with local partners and investors. Franchise offices are owned by the purchaser of the franchise and others who are investors in that franchised corporation.

There is, needless to say, a large amount of competiton in the business center market. However, all of the competition is fighting for the same market niche, the high end. They all promote how fancy their offices are and what great addresses they are located at. They also have pretty fancy pricing too.

Our view is that there is a significant market that doesn't really care about those things. Many people are not even going to know the status of any particular address. Many people are going to be concerned that expensive looking offices means expensive prices. Afterall, just about every client utilizing these facilities as well as ours, is selling something. They are all in competition with somebody who is competing on the basis of price. Do they really want to spend extra money on fancy offices if there is another choice? There is a market for reasonably priced offices on-demand and desk space, together with related services which is not currently being met. This is the market of Blue Planet Offices, Inc. We provide offices for getting work done and for our clients to make money. We are not out to stifle their growth with exorbinant prices and limited services. Blue Planet offers all the services of the big guys, and a number of useful services and features exclusive to us. We strongly believe that our clients will consist of big corporations with lots of money as well as the little guy who wants to move up from operating their business at home. Unlike our competition, we care just as much about the little guy. That little guy may just one day put the big guys out of business. We are the little guy too.

Blue Planet also has a different view of picking locations for its company owned offices. Certainly there is a lot of potential in major cities, but we are first picking locations that have a need for offices on-demand that is not being met at all. We are also picking locations that have significant tourism attraction. The interest in tourism is multi-faceted. Lets just say it fits in with market need, a market niche, together with future plans which we are not going to discuss publicly at this time.

We suppose we should point out one other thing. This is just added December 2007. Blue Planet is a great investment for two big reasons. One, it is an original idea providing space and services that are in demand, thus it will make money. There will be a good return on investment. The second reason should be obvious, but let us spell it out. Not only is there no or little competition in the tourist destinations we will have offices in, just being a good investment in that respect, have you seen the point? They are tourist destinations. Frankly, they are some of the best destinations for great sex, straight or gay. As a stockholder, you can also be an employee and visit our offices on business, and thus totally write off your trips on your income tax to some of the best tourist destinations in the world. We will also provide complete details on how you can get airline tickets for half the price of the lowest outlets on the internet. Forget about or anything like that. We can show you how to beat those prices by half. Being a stockholder of Blue Planet is not just a matter of holding stock and collecting dividends, you are part of the business and enjoy far more benefits that any other investment can offer. Plus, we will have people working for us in all of these cities and you will have the inside track for everything, unlike the tourists. On top of all that, we are not talking about big investments, our corporation accepts investments as small as $1,000.00. You can also purchase a share of joint ventures in each of the countries we are operating in, as most of them are local corporations with local partners. We can also provide a fast-track to residency, owning property, dual passports and other things that would cost you a fortune without us. Now, read more about our unique approach to this business.

Blue Planet has an original approach to office space. Blue Planet does not need to lease expensive office space. It does not need office space at all. Blue Planet can rent lower cost warehouse or retail space and turn it into comfortable modern offices in hours. Blue Planet uses a portable partition wall system of our own design (U.S. patent application pending). This partition system appears to be standard walls and dropped ceilings, although it is a portable system which locks together. The system takes into account power, lighting, carpeting, ventilation, and telecommunication; all in a modular form.

The big advantages of this approach are likely obvious.
1. Building permits are not an issue. The walls are not walls. They are temporary partitions just like any other office partitions. Nobody (and certainly not in most foreign countries) has set construction standards or definitions of temporary or movable office partitions.

2. The partitions are not part of the building and whenever we need to move, we take everything with us. This saves a lot of time and money. The partitions are moved to a new location and just set-up again. This greatly minimizes any disruption of operations. Of course, it is our intention to have stable and long term locations and excellent relations with our landlords. Things do happen however and this approach greatly reduces disruptions for us and our clients.

3. Property owners don't have to do much remodeling for us, which they would then include into the cost of the lease. This reduces our costs significantly.

4. By being able to pick up and go, so to speak, landlords are less likely to hold us hostage when our leases expire. This certainly isn't our intention though. We do need stable and long term relationships with landlords as clients will not want to go through the trouble of changing letterheads, business cards and so forth.

5. Remodeling or replacing damaged items is easy, fast and cheap. For instance, wall sections have paneling on one side. If a piece of paneling is damaged, it can be literally pulled off and a new one put in its place. Molding can be unclipped and replaced in minutes. Damaged carpeting can be unlocked and pulled up from the floor in minutes.

6. Perhaps most importantly, we can change the configuration of the offices whenever it is needed. If we need to create a bigger office, or a smaller one, it can be done in under an hour.

7. The partitions use standard building materials and techniques available in virtually any location. We provide all franchisees with video tapes and DVD's which explain in detail the production of the partition system. The franchisee also has the option of a team from Blue Planet traveling to their location and building the partition system for them. Franchisees are free to rent conventional office space, although their pricing must still adhere to our national and international standards.

Blue Planet's income is not from a single source. It is not wholly limited by the amount of space or offices that it offers. Actually, we believe that the most profitable parts of the business will be the value added services and products on top of the desk and office space rental.

Blue Planet Sources of Income:
1. Blue Planet Offices will derive income from services and products sold at company owned locations which includes desk space, office rentals, mail service, telephone answering services, incorporation and registered agent service, secure storage drawers, fulfillment services, sales on behalf of clients, translation services, shipping and other activities on behalf of clients.

2. Blue Planet Franchise Operations which includes an initial fee, a small percentage of operational gross income, contributions to national and worldwide advertising. Indirect income is derived from clients being exposed to one office and then becoming clients of other offices, both company owned and franchised.

3. Affiliate Operations which involves existing corporate office centers and related businesses becoming part of the Blue Planet family of offices. Affiliates are not quite franchisees, as they will not follow the Blue Planet physical model being that they already exist. They will not necessarily offer all the services and features of company offices and franchise locations, but they will provide core services and as many of Blue Planets exclusive features as possible. This will be negotiated and there will be strick minimum requirements. Affiliate operations will be in cities that do not have company offices or franchised offices which always take priority. Clients will receive discounts from every affiliate. Affiliates will also contribute to national and international advertising funds.

4. Add-on Business Operations are a possible area of additional income. Blue Planet has a number of ideas for businesses of its own which could be co-located with our office on demand facilities. We may also rent space for placement of voice mail and other telecommunications equipment, or provide voice mail or other telecommunications services to businesses and/or individuals who are not clients of our main line office services. We may obtain programmers in certain countries and coordinate software programming projects.

5. Blue Planet is not just an office space business. Each office provides a range of business services. Our facilitators and office receptionists can also handle responding to correspondence sent to our clients, sending out product samples, product fulfillment, and even sales calls on behalf of our clients. We will also handle more complex tasks such as arranging meetings, seminars, and public events. We will work as the advance team for our clients. For instance, if a client wants to conduct a seminar in a city far from home, how do they do that? Blue Planet can do that. We can find space for the event, secure hotel rooms, arrange transportation, handle local advertising, catering, security if necessary, audio/video equipment and services, together with whatever else the client requires. There is no office services company that can do all that. Our competition is in the real estate market, not in the services market. They sell you the space and then you are on your own.

We are not just talking about the little guy. A big corporation could well send its own people, pay for flights, hotel rooms, food, transportation and all the other expenses of an advance team. Their advance team would not have the local resources we will have. They will not know who can be trusted, or who can deliver what they need. They won't know local customs, what prices they really should be paying, or much of anything else. They will be proceeding blind in many cases, wasting a lot of time and money. Blue Planet can save them a great deal of time, money and effort. So, once we are there, why won't they use Blue Planet? Besides all that, we have such a cool name.

Your advance man on the Blue Planet.

Blue Planet is also a sort of a Mailboxes, Etc. for business. (Mailboxes, Etc., a national franchise, was purchased by United Parcel Service and all the stores were changed to the UPS Store. Personally, I like the original name much better.) We are not providing mailing services or mail boxes for individuals, but may do so for business clients and businesses which are not clients of our desk and office rentals. (This adds a certain complication in the U.S., but the issue is in flux within the US postal service and the U.S. Congress, so no final decision has been taken.)

What do Franchisee Operators Receive?
1. Assistance in all aspects of establishing their business. They do not just pay and then get left on their own. We are dedicated to their success, because their success is our success.

2. Use of the Blue Planet name, logo, (trade, service marks and patents), advertising materials and other intellectual property, including computer software applications.

3. Assistance in locating the office and building the partition system.

4. Supplies and some inventory.

5. Training seminars, printed material, tapes and DVDs.

6. Participation in national and international advertising programs.

7. Space and promotion on the Blue Planet corporate websites.

8. Savings on supplies purchased in bulk by Blue Planet corporate and savings with on-line and local purchases from suppliers who have negotiated contracts with Blue Planet.

9. Many other benefits to be announced.

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