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Blue Planet Offices are designed for real business. Most executive business centers are high end, both in appearance and cost. Blue Planet is a cross between an executive business center and a business incubator. Our on-demand offices are pleasant, modern and clean. They are not designed to impress, they are designed to accomplish important business tasks at reasonable cost. We also offer many services for traveling business people that you will not find at any other business center.

Blue Planet Offices, Key West, FL Blue Planet can provide virtual offices, deskspace, and other types of physical facilities for hourly, daily, weekly or monthly use. Most facilities also provide small security lockers for long term business supply storage.

Blue Planet Offices will be placed based on need and often in developing markets, as well as in areas of tourism. Our offices are not designed to impress you in appearance. Frankly, the high end facilities just stroke your ego. Most of your business meetings will likely be held at the offices of your customers and clients. If they come to your expensive office, they are going to know anyway that you are probably only renting it by the day or week, and they will not be impressed. If they come to Blue Planet they will be impressed that you are keeping your costs low, because that means your prices are more reasonable.

You can sign up with one office, a group of offices, or all of our offices fast and easy. Your business can become a multi-national corporation overnight at a very reasonable monthly fee.

Visit our Key West Business Center at 2011 Flagler Avenue and ask for Gracy.

Blue Planet Office Services:

Blue Planet can serve as your Florida Registered Agent and is the only professional registered agent in the Florida Keys or Key West and is the lowest cost registered agent in Florida. Click to Visit FloridaCorporate, our Registered Agent website.

To learn about incorporation, trademarks, tradenames and other important business information for all states, visit our website. Visit our FREE Key West Telephone Directory at

Blue Planet Rentals:

In Key West, FL and the Lower Keys, Blue Planet rents a range of Audio Equipment including sound systems for small affairs up to systems suitable for a major concert. We rent a range of video projectors and screens. We rent production equipment to laptop computers. Visit for details on all of our equipment.

Blue Planet Security Products

Blue Planet manufactures a range of security products and equipment. Blue Planet turns your business cards into luggage tags. Blue Planet manufactures SecureVIN, a low cost kit to etch your VIN number onto your vehicle windows to greatly reduce the chance of theft. The wide range of our security products can be viewed at

Blue Planet manufactures and sells a wide range of screw end security cables and you can view our cable catalog at

Turn your business cards into high security luggage tags at

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